Edge of the Amazon Jul-Aug 2011–Three: A little local scenery

Here’s a video of routine snake removal, a little local scenery, and a day hike I did upstream with the hope of floating the stream back to camp.  It turns out that streams here have forests growing in them, which makes floating any distance impossible.  It was nice just to go out solo and let that idea of snakes behind every bush dissipate, and let the comfort of the forest sink in.  Although I did go running a couple times when large wasps started buzzing my head; I guess I’ve gotten a little jumpy since my first wasp run-in here.  I also at one point heard the distinct sound of a large animal stepping out of the muck of the marsh and taking a few steps through the dry leaf litter.  Then, like everything in the forest here, it just disappeared.

I’ll try and show a bit more of what I’m doing for work soon.